YouTube Thumbnail Grabber - Scrape the images from a Youtube video

YouTube thumbnail grabber | / Boing Boing
Grab and download a YouTube video's thumbnails at various sizes including HD

What is it

Boing Boing made this amazing tool that let's you get the Youtube thumbnails from a Youtube video.

Why I like it

All you have to do is get your Youtube link, drop it into the tool, and Boing Boing will scrape the link for all of the Youtube thumbnails associated with that link. The largest image they can grab is 1280 x 720, which should be more than enough for your marketing needs.

Why I dislike it

None. This is as simple as it gets and the tool is complete free.

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    Thanks for sharing! I was literally looking for something like this and was doing inspect source code to try and grab the thumbnail but it was super low res.


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