Why Marketer Hunt


There are new startups that pop up every single day that launch products to help marketers, but there isn't a one-stop destination to find these apps and get honest feedback from other marketers about their experience with these products.

Sure, there's places like Product Hunt and Quora, and although I love both of those communities, I think there's a need for a place that does more to help marketers.

A place where marketers can share apps or products that helped (or did not help) their businesses like on PH.

A place where marketers can ask questions and get honest feedback like on Quora.

But more importantly, a place where marketers can connect with other marketers from all over the globe and chat in a casual Reddit or Hacker News-type structure.

So, this is Marketer Hunt and it's goal is to try and accomplish those three things and make the world a little less lonely for fellow marketers.

I hope you join us, share your thoughts, and come back often to see what others are sharing.


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