Urban Airship - send personalized messages in real time across your marketing stack

Urban Airship has been named a Leader by Gartner, Inc. in its 2018 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms.
A market-leading mobile app engagement, mobile analytics, mobile data integration and mobile wallet marketing solution.

What is it

Urban Airship is a mobile marketing company covering myriad solutions to monetise your app from mobile marketing automation to mobile analytics and audience segmentation. Its biggest product is a push-notification engine, which sends real-time customized notifications and in-app messages to your users, creates targeted web push notifications, and builds mobile wallet passes – coupons, loyalty cards etc.

Why I like it

I mostly use UA for push notification, and their push services helps me save a great deal of time compared to building one in-house. Being able to create channels and segments, as well as schedule and batch notifications is incredibly useful and efficient. Also, their support team was responsive and helpful whenever I needed assistance.

Why I dislike it

The price is so steep! I used Urban Airship in a few personal apps several years ago. Being an iOS developer with hardly any server-side experience, this platform was a life saver. However they decided to get rid of their free tier, and the lowest price plan available became too expensive for an independent developer. I would ony recommend this for larger projects with a big budget!

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