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###What is it (1-2 sentences)

Typeform makes it easy to create beautiful surveys. Of the survey providers out there, they place the one of the highest premiums on the experience for the survey recipient which leads to better survey completion rates.

###Why I like it (2-4 sentences)
I work in UX so it's really important to me to use and champion products that also value good user experience. Sure, Google Forms is functional, but it's not aesthetically pleasing. With a TypeForm survey, I get to carry the principles of highly engaging, quality user experience that I value in the products I build to the survey platform I use.

There's also also a healthy number of templates to get you started, and their free tier has enough features to get you started. But, if you're in UX or you value collecting user data for business decisions (which you should), then you'll probably upgrade to their paid tiers, which really isn't too bad. I feel like as long as you send a survey a quarter then you make up the value.

If you need integrations, there's also support for HubSpot and Zapier.

Why I dislike it (2-4 sentences)

The other survey platforms are wising up to TypeForm's aesthetic so Survey Monkey released a new template that's similar. But still, I feel TypeForm is way ahead in terms of user experience.

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    TypeForm is good, but now that Survey Monkey has a similar survey experience (clearly they saw how popular TypeForm was getting), I find myself switching back to Survey Monkey.


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