Taboola - Get your native ads next to articles on publishers like Forbes and CNBC

Drive Quality Audiences From Top Publishers with Your Video and Content Campaigns
Drive traffic to your site, blog or video, or monetize your site with the largest platform for content recommendation, audience acquisition, and native advertising

What is it?

So, Taboola is Outbrain's (already shared on MH) biggest competitor. They both do native ads on publisher sites but they have slightly different executions.

Why I like it?

The main differentiators are the publishers that Taboola is on, budget allocations, and audience volume. Taboola has a wider network of publishers which means it attracts a lot more clicks and volume. In terms of budget, Taboola lets you allocate your budget over a month whereas Outbrain is a pay per day model (and they frequently go over) .
Overall, Taboola is another native advertising channel to consider for your customer acquisition strategy and brings the traffic.

Why I dislike it

Outbrain is easier to get started and I feel like the traffic you get from Outbrain is generally higher quality, but if youh ave the budget, I would recommend running a $5K test on both platforms and seeing which ones actually back out to your CPA goes. Also, like Outbrain, you need the actual content marketing to provide links for Outbrain so you'll need to spend time creating a blog or getting PR stories out there to drive clicks on your Taboola links

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    Personally, I like Outbrain over Taboola, but try both and see what works for you.


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