Survicate - trigger surveys in the user flow to get collect more authentic user feedback

Survicate | Where Leading Teams Collect and Act on Customer Feedback
From website optimization and customer satisfaction surveys to complex customer insight processes integrated with your email campaigns - we've got you covered. Companies from over 70 countries use Survicate. Join them for free!

What is it

Survicate is an all in one platform that allows you to trigger surveys to capture data for marketing, website conversion, product, and help your support teams. With these surveys, business owners can use the Survicate data to improve their business based on real customer and propsect feedback.

Why I like it

Once you create your free account, they ask you what your main goal is (e.g. conversion optimization, website feedback, lead generation, etc.). Once you select your goal, you can select how your survey will trigger, and my favoirte one is that you can actually trigger a survey on the site in the footer. Most platforms like Survey Monkey require you to email a survey which is a few steps outside of the customer experience flow. Trigger a survey at the exact point in the customer journey is a great way to get more authentic feedback.

Once you select where you want the survey to trigger, you can either use a pre built template or create your own. and on the free tier you get 50 free responses to try it out.

Overall, I feel it's an interesting way to gather more user data in a more organic way than the other survey tools like Survey Monkey or TypeForm.

Why I dislike it

If you're a small team and you're already using a survey tool, you probably won't change it to try out Survicate. But, if you have a large product or UX team that needs to gather more data, I'd give Survicate a try.

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    Cool idea, but it seems pretty specific and the quizes don't seem to be as nice as Typeform or Survey Monkey.


    I agree with you that other survey tools have nicer survey experiences, but Survicate is great because they can trigger a pop-up or a small window like a chat but that asks you questions while the customer is in the flow. These would be good for things like post-checkout surveys, or right before someone abandons.


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