Sniply - Add a call to action on every link you share to measure success of your channels

Sniply — Embed messages into the articles you share.
Sniply is the future of content marketing!

What is it?

Sniply lets you add a call to action to any link you share. The snipply link usually appears as a hover button in the footer of the link you share, and you can customizt the text and call to action. So, if you have an article that talks about your new Series A for a SaaS product, you can add a Sniply link that says "Interested in trying our our Saas suite? Learn more". That link can then have all the tracking parameters you need to measure the success of your PR article.

Why I like it?

Measuring the success of PR has always been a challenge, but using Sniply, means you can add a call to action on every PR article you share out and then measure traffic you receive from that Sniply link. It's not 100% accurate, but I find that's a pretty good proxy to see how your PR funnel is working (e.g. you share a link to your facebook -> you get a click into the article and sniply measures the impressions on the page -> then you get a click on the sniply link to your site. This is essentially your Sniply funnel, and it's a good way to see what PR channels not only lead to pageviews but also onsite conversions for whatever you're selling (e.g. app or product)

I also like that Sniply lets you customize the look and feel on the Snippets so they can match your branding. I've done user testing with Sniply links and most people assume they're just a native link that the publisher put in the page. Rarely is someone annoyed with it, but of course this is up to you as the marketer to decide how aggressive you want to be with Sniply link.

Overall though, I really recommend trying Sniply because its free to try and you can start to measure channels that have tradtionally been immeasurable.

Why I dislike it

Some marketing platforms are wising up to links created with Sniply and they get scrubbed out. I specifically noticed this on native advertising platforms like Outbrain. So you'll have to try the links out on each platform to see where they won't get blocked.

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    Hmm...I'll check this out and share it with my PR team.


    I've never heard about this but seems pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.


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