Shot Snapp: Make beautiful mockups easily

shotsnapp - Create beautiful mockup presentation
A simple tool to quickly create beautiful mockup presentation for your digital app and website design

What is it (1-2 sentences)

ShotSnapp or Shot Snapp (I'm not exactly sure how they prefer to be spelled) makes it super easy to make mock ups for marketing pages, presentations, or to share around.

Why I like it (2-4 sentences)

It's insanely easy to use. Select the type of shell (phone or browser window) and then drop in your image. You're literally done at this point, but you could customize colors, size of image, and centering if you want.

Why I dislike it (2-4 sentences)

They just launched so they only have two shells for now, but it looks like other options are coming soon.

It's seriously as easy as it can be and it's free.

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    Awesome app, Cameron! I just used it for something else and it is super easy. Definitely recommended


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