Share Local Media - Direct mail as a service

Share Local Media are experts in direct mail marketing.

What is it

Share Local Media is a startup that's focused on providing direct mail as a service. They work with reputable startups and companies like Warby Parker and Harry's to submit joint mail packets to affluent zip codes. The brands included in the mailer then share the price of the mailer making it cheaper for everyone while being in good company and reaching qualified leads.

Why I like it

Share Local Media was founded by my former boss, and he's assembled a team of amazing marketers to run SLM. The customer service is great. They provide transparent communication. And, when it comes to direct mail pricing, it's very reasonable. Plus, for an emerging startup, you can usually expect one known AAA brand in the mailer so prospects associate you with strong brands.
It's also fairly easy to get started, and you can reach affluent zip codes all over the United States. And, with more spend being focused on digital marketing, the mailbox is becoming a forgotten channel, which means there's a vaccuum of advertisers in the space. SLM lets you fill that void and reach your customers in a way that most brands are not.

Why I dislike it

You're limited to their zip codes and the number of times they will mail that zip code per month. Also, there isn't an easy web portal to submit your assets so you have to work with an account manager to get into a mailer. This helps improve the quality of mailers you're with but it does increase the amount of time needed to reach out, design, and then get a direct mail campaign live.

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    Thanks for sharing, Chris! I've never heard about them, but I'll give them a look.


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