Movable Ink - Deliver jaw-dropping, dynamic content in your marketing emails at the moment of open

Intelligent Content for Email | Movable Ink
Movable Ink lets email marketers deliver jaw-dropping customer experiences. Our cloud-based software activates any data to generate intelligent content at the moment of open.

What is it

Movable Ink helps brands up-level the performance of their email marketing with a unique technology that lets you serve up dynamic content that's hyper relevant to your customer at the moment they open their email. With better content in email, Movable Ink lets marketers drive more revenue, automate content production, and enable innovative ideas.

Why I like it

For those not familiar with email marketing, you usually can't make changes to your emails once they've been sent from your ESP. Once it's sent, the email content is locked.
With Movable Ink, you can trigger dynamic content (text, photos, videos, etc.) the moment the customer opens the email even if the email was already sent. A good example would be you have a 24 hour sale and the email goes out at midnight and you want to put in a countdown timer in the email. Movable Ink will send your email and then your subscribers will see an accurate countdown at the moment they open. If they open the email at 12:01am, they'll see 23 hours : 59 minutes left. But if they open at 12pm, the countdown will update with 12 hours remaining.
This technology is basically personalization taken to the next level and allows marketers to increase engagement with emails with more relevant content (e.g. you can send a new sale to replace a module in an old email or put the nearest store to the customer).

Why I dislike it

I just wish there was more flexibility with the contract terms. They didn't appear open to doing a trial type period.

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    Any other thoughts on Movable Ink?


    I've seen a few pitches from their team, and a few friends have used it. I agree that the technology is amazing, but it can be pricey. I feel it works great for big brands with larger budgets. It might not be the best tool for startups though.


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