- Personalized conversations to increase awareness, improve lead quality and drive sales at scale. - Chatbots for Conversational Marketing is the best bot platform for building powerful marketing chatbots for your business which works across messengers, website, android and iOS apps.

What is it

AI-powered chatbot that works across messengers, websites,and native apps and allows you to automate up to 70 percent of your customer support. It can integrate with your existing CRM and support tools, learn new queries and responses over time, and allow you to add cards, carousels, and quick replies to enrich your conversations.

Why I like it is a useful, highly functional and flexible tool for any entrepreneur managing a small or medium sized business. Since implementing it at my startup we've been able to save tremendous costs that were being allocated toward contracting out our customer service calls. The AI is capable of answering a wide variety of customer questions, and even helps with troubleshooting the majority of customer issues with our product.

Why I dislike it

The product, and AI chabots in general, are still in their early stages. Because doesn't fully understand our product and lacks a certain amount of context, it can sometimes be buggy and give users erroneous responses. I was hoping would be able to do more than it could. Perhaps the next version will be a step up.

Competitors: BotEngine, Insightly

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    Thanks for sharing! It looks like the homepage is focused on integrating with Facebook Messenger. Does anyone know if they work with other partners like Drift or Intercom? It would be nice to leverage Morph's AI chat bot with message apps beyond FB.


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