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Mixpanel | Product and User Analytics for Mobile, Web, and Beyond
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What is it

Mixpanel is an app marketing tool that tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications and provides tools for targeted communication.

Why I like it

The api libraries are fantastic, very easy to implement and get up and running, and it has great docs. Funnels are a great way to view conversion rates through steppers or pages. Quite easy for non-technical members of the team to use and start creating their own charts. Easy to navigate and excellent ux. Collects a lot of user data by default and ip and location is very useful.

Why I dislike it

Lack of flexibility in terms of bringing in other datasources which has forced us to move towards a total data warehouse solution. Ad blocker removes ~5 % of client side events which means you have to be clever comparing server side to client side. Could be more accurate collecting initial referrer, and there could be better ways to explore your user base. You will also need some engineering experience or a developer to help you implement.

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    Mixpanel is good, but when I was at Imgur, we actually couldn't use them because the price per event tracking was so high that it would've buried us. They are a good option for small and midsized companies though!


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