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Marketo's powerful marketing automation software helps marketers master the art & science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects.

What is it

Marketo is a powerful and easy marketing automation software that helps marketing and sales professionals drive revenue and improve marketing accountability.

Why I like it

From prospects to customers, lead routing to triggered activities, Marketo helps get our leads to the right people in record time. It's not only helped track our leads more precisely, but allowed us to discover trends. Not only is Marketo itself wonderful, but its ability to integrate with Salesforce provides our team with the data they want and need to make decisions. My favorite feature, and will always be my favorite feature, is the Marketo smart list. They're perfect for slicing and dicing data exactly how you'd like.

Why I dislike it

It's only downfalls are that sync times can be slow if there are large data updates - pretty common amongst Marketo automation products, so not specific to Marketo. It's reporting abilities are also nothing spectacular.

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