Mailgun: Easy API Email Service for Startups

Transactional Email API Service For Developers | Mailgun
Powerful Transactional Email APIs that enable you to send, receive, and track emails, built with developers in mind. Learn more today!

What is it (1-2 sentences)

Mailgun lets small startups and SMBs with getting their transactional email system off the ground. Mailgun takes emails received over API and then sends them out to your users.

Why I like it (2-4 sentences)

It's pretty cheap relative to other products out there like Sendgrid. There's a lot some decent logging that gets outputted for non-engineering marketers to look at to see what's going on. Pricing scales up with you so as you grow you pay a bit more but again pricing isn't so bad. Getting started is also fairly easy because there's a lot of documentations.

Why I dislike it (2-4 sentences)

Shared IP address accounts will have a hard time sending to Hotmail or Microsoft Outlook emails. For whatever reason Microsoft and Hotmail flag Mailgun IP addresses as more spammy. Also, this is probably a higher-coding email provider compared to tools like Mailchimp. But, given the price, I'm a big fan of Mailgun to get started if you're coding a side project and need transactional emails to go out.

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