IFTTT - Automate how apps talk to each other (automate your tweets, retweets, Instagram posts, emails, etc.)

IFTTT helps your apps and devices work together
IFTTT (if this, then that) is the easy, free way to get your apps and devices working together. The internet doesn't always play nice, but we're here to help.

What is it (1-2 sentences)
In their own words If This Then That (IFTTT) is a "free way to get all your apps and devices talking to each other." But for marketers, this means that you can set up logic flows that allow something to do another thing when something else does a thing. So an example might be that you receive an email or send a retweet once someone you follow posts something to Twitter.

Why I like it (2-4 sentences)

The Twitter example is a simple use case, but IFTTT literally works for about a hundred apps and makes your life way easier. Some potential use cases for other marketers:

  • Easily record data for your hourly staff: When someone on your retail staff presses a button, their work hours will be logged into a Google Spreadsheet
  • Sync your content across social channels: When you post something on Instagram, get that post immediately posted on Pinterest
  • Get more visibility on your email team: Get an email when someone on your email marketing team publishes a new Mailchimp trigger or action
  • Make your email reporting easier: Save your MailChimp email stats to your google spreadsheet

There's a whole section on applets (which is IFTTT's way of calling triggers) for marketers here: https://ifttt.com/search/query/marketing

Why I dislike it (2-4 sentences)

Like any marketplace, it's dependent on the services that people are putting out there. So, if you're using something pretty unique or doesn't have an open API, then there probably isn't an IFTTT for it.

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    There are some really good applets that automate exporting data from a souce to a Google Sheet. This has been a life saver.


    Agreed! I feel I've cut out about an hour a day on monotaneous tasks.


    I've used IFTTT to setup my smart home with Alexa, and it's been amazing. I also just setup my first marketing applet using Twitter and IFTTT. Thanks for the tip!


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