Iconosquare - Instagram and Facebook management SaaS

Iconosquare: Instagram & Facebook Analytics and Management Platform
Grow your Instagram and Facebook presence with exclusive insights and best-in-class management tools for your team. Start a 14-day free trial.

What is it

Iconosquare is a Facebook and Instagram management tool.

Why I like it

Iconosquare is great at managing Instagram and Facebook accoutns for brands, and for a lot of brands, those are the big two right now. The 14-day free trial is also pretty sweet, but what I like most is that the advanced tier is fairly reasonable at $59/mo. Usually I find these tools around $99+.
In terms of product features, Iconosquare does all the things you'd expect. Analytics, scheduling, etc. They do also allow you to schedule Instagram Stories, which is pretty new, and they provide a great visual calendar so you can see what posts are going out when.
Overall, I recommend Iconosquare for any brand that wants to invest in IG and FB but needs a tool to help them schedule their posts all in one place.

Why I dislike it

It's only for Instagram and Facebook so if you want to invest in other channels you'll need a different tool. And usually those other tools--like Buffer or Hootsuite--include Instagram and Facebook so you might consider using those instead of investing in Iconosquare and another tool.

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    Nice! I was just looking to see if there was something that let you schedule IG stories.


    Thanks for sharing!


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