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DojoMojo makes email acquisition easy

What is it

Dojomojo is a platform that lets brands connect with other brands to partner together mostly for email-type campaigns to grow your audience and customer base.

Why I like it

Dojomojo makes email sweeps and partnerships easy! They allow you to search their marketplace of thousands of brands, connect with them, and run sweeps, email buys, or partnerships.
For those that don't have a deep rolodex of partners to go to when you're launching your brand, Dojomojo is a good way to get started and that justifies the fees.
It's really simple to get started and worth trying the 30-day free trial.

Why I dislike it

Nothing yet. I'm just starting it out, but a lot of my marketer friends like the platform as a way to get quality email leads. They aren't going to be as good as leads that visit your site organically, but the marketplace has good brands so they're better than most email leads you can buy at other exchanges.

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    I was just thinking this would be a really good idea. Thanks for sharing.


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