CleverTap - Multi-channel marketing and analytics platform for all your mobile marketing needs

Leading Mobile Marketing Platform | CleverTap
CleverTap is a Mobile Marketing Platform with app marketing automation helping the app marketers to retain user engagement and win back users through clever mobile marketing strategies & mobile app metrics. Sign up today!

What is it

CleverTap is a multichannel marketing platform that lets you send push, email , in-app notifs, SMS, web push, and FB remarketing ads through their platform and allows you to collect and analyze customer data in near-real time.

Why I like it

I've been using CleverTap for more than three years now. We tried various providers to send in-app push notifications, but none could handle the traffic and load of our user-base, especially during popular sports events or TV show releases. CleverTap, having a robust and scalable infrastructure, could easily handle our load and send realtime notifications to all of our users. We were then able to schedule and send massive campaigns in a matter of seconds without stressing over deliverability.

Also, they have a great customer success team, who eased the transition process and assisted us with automating all of our marketing use-cases.

Why I dislike it

Well with the scale they've managed to reach, they need more manpower! The irony of it is, they've managed to create such an impact with such few resources.

Some competitors are Amplitude Analytics and Mixpanel

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