Cision - Identify influencers, craft and distribute meaningful stories, and measure the impact.

Now PR Can Communicate Like Never Before

What is it

With Cision PR software reach the right audiences and manage impact of coverage across traditional, digital and social media.

Why I like it

I love the ease and user friendliness of Cision. I've used other similar products in the past and we've stuck with Cision for a few years now. I greatly appreciate the tagging system and ability to pull reports quickly. I really like the auto tagging feature where I can keep track of my campaigns or crises easily and have reports immediately for my supervisor/client.
I also love just how easy it is to get started. It really is a scalable way to find influencers and outlets, get your story shared out there, and then measure the impact

Why I dislike it

It's an investment, which isn't a problem for larger companies, but can be prohibitive for smaller companies. In addition, sometimes it's difficult to get nitty gritty data. I wish some features were included in a general cost, rather than being a la carte.

Some other influencer/PR platforms worth looking into are Meltwater and TrendKite.

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    Thanks for sharing Becca! Another really good find.


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