Anyone need location intelligence help, whether for your app (our sdk) or marketing and analytics purposes

Cuebiq I Location Intelligence and Measurement Company
Cuebiq is a next generation location intelligence and measurement company, leveraging the largest database of accurate and precise location data in the U.S. to help marketers map, target, and measure the offline consumer journey.

Obviously I am biased but Cuebiq is a location intelligence company which leverages the world’s largest, most accurate, and most transparent location-based database. Our patent pending SDK has been integrated in over 180+ mobile apps that reach a diverse user base and leverage precise location. Once users opt-in, our technology works in the background even when the app is not open, allowing us to persistently collect anonymous location data. Our SDK listens to location signals including GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth and then our platform analyzes the data to understand dwell time, frequency of visit, context, and POI mapping. Happy to discuss how we can help.

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    How is this different from something like Radar (


    Thanks for sharing, Rod! Really awesome stuff.


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