- Simple, Personalised and Scalable Email Outreach - Simple Free Cold Email Outreach Tool
Send personalised cold emails at scale. Bulk email, shared email templates, scheduled delivery, drip campaigns. Get started free!

What is it (1-2 sentences) helps marketers send personalised cold emails at scale, effortlessly.
Cold emails are a great way for marketers to achieve growth by acquiring back links, building partnerships, finding guest blogs/bloggers, and pitching PR pieces.

Why I like it (2-4 sentences)

If you're new to using cold email as a growth tactic then is a great way to get started due to it's simplicity. There's an unlimited free tier.
Email campaign stats that are tracked include # of emails delivered, opened, replied, & bounced.
To differentiate from the competition we're focusing on:

  • Personalisation - building features that make it really easy to personalise each cold email (since personalisation increases response rates)
  • Easy for recipients to respond - building one-click interactions into cold email to make it easier for recipients to respond without typing

Why I dislike it (2-4 sentences)

No Zapier integration yet so if you're used to automating things using Zaps then you won't be able to yet.

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    Hi Cameron, a Zapier Integration is currently on our roadmap for the next quarter. Will keep you posted here when it gets released!


    Do you expect to have a Zapier integration soon?


    I really hate cold emails so I'll check this out!


    Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I have some friends in sales who would love this


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